Top-5 Game-Changing Marketing Trends for 2015

Top-5 game-changing marketing trends for 2015

The year 2014 was a fulfilling year for marketers. Visible progress in digital marketing, social media, content marketing, mobile marketing, analytics etc. clearly sets the tone for areas that will command significant attention from marketers during 2015. Building on the Marketing trends predicted for 2014, I present to you the Top-5 game-changing marketing trends for 2015.

So here goes:

1. Digital disruption will shift the competitive landscape

Significant advancement and adoption of Digital within the wider marketing mix was the greatest achievement for marketing professionals during 2014. Last couple of years was invested in experimentation. However during 2014, we saw large scale implementation of digital strategies and encouraging steps were taken by marketers towards measurement of digital programs to reach to the right customers.

2015 Approach – Within the scope of optimism, for 2015 and beyond, organizational and operational alignment in the digital domain will be the key to success for marketers.   

2. Mobile marketing excellence will help maximize customer touch-points 

Marketers embraced Mobile heartily during 2014 to serve customers at the moment of their need. Responsive mobile websites, native apps, mobile email marketing, mobile ads, mobile RTB and mobile payment saw encouraging headway during 2014. Though there was high affinity toward mobile among both B2B and B2C buyers, mobile will continue to be an elusive area for marketers for some more time.

2015 Approach – As customers command more mobile friendly websites, personalized mobile experience, mobile apps and location based services, marketers have to step on the gas to get their mobile marketing strategy and implementations perfected.  

To get mobile marketing spot-on, marketers need to nail their mobile marketing KPIs and ROI parameters. They have to look at optimizing mobile content, measure app performance and also focus on gathering meaningful insights from mobile data / analytics to be able to shift gears as required.

3. Big data will show the path to customer’s heart and their wallets

Big data and Analytics continued as key focus areas for marketers during 2014. Success of digital marketing initiatives critically depends on a robust analytics engine in the back-end. Be it data from web, mobile, social media or campaigns, we saw bold steps taken by marketers to implement strong data-driven decision making culture within their marketing organizations.

2015 Approach – Building on the momentum of 2014, marketers will turn to Big Data with far more commitment to infuse insights in to their business. Marketers will look to fuel innovation, generate operational agility and create agile marketing solutions for their customers from a pile of large, diverse and cluttered data. Determining the scope of implementation should be the top priority for marketers before committing any investment on Big Data.      

4. Social media champions will steal the show

Social media is no longer new to marketers; it’s a part of the way they do marketing today. During 2014, social media further transformed the way marketers communicated, engaged and sold to customers. Top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Delicious, Instagram, Technorati et al saw great deal of activity as marketers up the ante on social media to increase their exposure, sales and branding.

2015 Approach – Looking up to 2015, marketers should try to nail their most effective social media platforms to play because social media is universal but platforms are not. Find effective ways to engage with their target audience and spend more time to measure the return on their social media spend. Other social media priorities will include – strengthening social media analytics capabilities, social listening skills, focus on creating user generated content and generating creative and visually appealing contents to effectively engage with the customers.     

5. Content marketing superiority will help you lead the race

Content marketing continued to be the focal point of every marketing strategy during 2014. Building on the efforts of last few years, marketers were seen creating more content during 2014 to feed their social media, websites, mobile marketing, blog and their email marketing needs.

As per Content Marketing Institute 2014 B2B Content Marketing Research 93% of marketers used content marketing during 2014 but only 42% of marketers consider themselves effective.

Quite obviously, marketers battled to personalize content in real-time. Other challenges included, real-time cross channel content marketing, real-time email marketing, real-time mobile and real-time social media content marketing.

2015 Approach – Marketers will look to have well-documented content strategy for content marketing effectiveness. They have to find ways to create dynamic personalized content across channels (real-time personalization) as well as focus on creating higher micro and visually appealing content. Content curation and distribution tools/ services and robust analytics will come handy as marketers look to create tangible value from content marketing.

Above and beyond

CMOs need transient strategies – Playing only along the lines of your long term marketing strategy may no longer be practical in the current competitive environment. For 2015 and beyond, CMOs need to devise transient strategies and be prepared to alter the business / marketing model in a jiffy to meet the needs of hyper-informed customer.

Don’t be shy to ask – CMOs must step-up their negotiation and persuasive skills to secure bigger marketing budgets. An optimum funding will help you on-board latest technology, deploy new infrastructure and hire skilled marketing professionals during 2015.

Focus on Marketing ROI (MROI) – Marketing spend has been rising rapidly, thanks to digital, social-media revolution and increasing competition. To manage spending priority and measure spend efficiency during 2015, CMOs should on-board tools and models to measure their MROI (if haven’t done already).

Invest in skilled professionals for new and emerging marketing technology – Now is not the time to entirely rely on existing in-house teams to integrate multiple technologies to produce best in class personalized web and mobile experience, develop new mobile apps, generate social engagements, analyze complicated data or for that matter, to create visually appealing content. Through 2015, CMOs need to invest in partnering with suitable third party vendors or decide to invest in hiring and setting-up teams of highly skilled professionals for specific technology or marketing skill areas.

I had my bias to come up with the top-5 marketing trends for 2015, built on my observation and experience. 

I hope you liked what you just read! I look forward to your comments. Do share your top picks that are important for your industry and customers.If you like this post, please share with your colleagues and friends.

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