Top 20 Marketing Growth Hacks 2016

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The year 2016 is poised to be a rewarding year for marketers if they focus on relentless growth by embracing new emerging technologies and processes in their marketing strategy and executions. To ensure sustained innovation, scalability and effectiveness in marketing during 2016 and beyond, here’s a compilation of Top 20 Marketing Growth Hacks 2016. You must try these out to make better memories in the very long term :)  Jump in and add your top picks as well.

Top 20 Marketing Growth Hacks 2016

1: On Brand: Invest in brand vitality, correctly map customer’s digital touch-points to influence their purchase decisions in your favor.

2: On Digital: Establish digital KPIs; build analytics and customer insights capabilities to track customer’s decision journey.

3: On Customer Experience (CX): Invest in CX programs to facilitate customers-brand interactions across all digital and non-digital channels.

4: On Contextual Marketing: Tate a re-look at your strategy for content, automation and campaigns to maximize ROI of your personalization and contextual marketing initiatives.

5: On IoT: IoT is on the right path to mainstream in next few years; but for now, just focus to understand the possibilities for your firm and your consumers.

Top 20 Marketing Growth Hacks 2016

6: On Data Analytics: Go the data driven and customer centric path (beyond just the websites and mobile platforms)

7: On Mobile: Its mobile “First” from here on. May be mobile “Only” for some.

8: On Mobile Apps: It is no more about launching an app; but sustaining it!

9: One more on Customer Experience (CX): Focus on enriching customer experience across channels and devices with an aim to maximize the marketing ROI.

10: On Omni-channel: Focus on seamless omni-channel customer experience across channels and touch-points for higher customer satisfaction, retention and brand loyalty.

Top 20 Marketing Growth Hacks 2016

11: On Content: Craft creative and acutely focused content for brand differentiation.

12: On Live Streaming: Experiment on live rich-media and live streaming video platforms. Live streaming could perhaps become mainstream sooner then you realize.

13: On CRM + Social Media: Look to integrate your CRM platform with social media to service customers better (and to ensure highest customer experience)

14: On Demand Generation: Social media platforms will become a leading source for lead generation for a large majority of firms globally.

15: On Native Advertising: Visually engaging through native advertising will ensure greater conversations with consumers.

Top 20 Marketing Growth Hacks 2016

16: On Stunning Visuals: Engage with consumers through visually integrated and contextual content across channels and touch-points.

17: On Marketing Technology: It’s eminent for marketers to morph to Marketing Technologist to assume better control on marketing technology adoption.

18: On Wearable Devises: Wearable “smart” devices will largely be a game for marketing front-runners; wanderers will become specimen for “how not to do it”.

19: On the “Why” and “How” deluge: Don’t invest a lifetime figuring out “why” you need to embrace one or many of the above current trends and another lifetime on “how” to do it. Identify your sweet spots and take a considerate plunge quickly.

And my favorite

20: On Marketing Trends: Don’t get pranked by  “Marketing trends and growth hacks” focus on what is best for your consumers.

Most of the marketing trends and hacks identified by global thought leaders are very well defined (in terms of KPIs), these trends are already verified by the marketing front-runners and abundant success stories are available for reference for the rest of us. A strategic marketing mindset and focus on customer needs (is what i believe) is more than enough to guarantee sustained success in 2016 and beyond.

I hope my Top 20 Marketing Growth Hacks echoed with those in your list. If not, I would love to learn what you thought I may have missed. Go ahead and post your comments below.

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