Leveraging thought leadership to stimulate marketing and sales

Whitepapers, articles, blogs etc. are essential thought leadership assets for b2b marketers when it comes to inbound marketing, branding and outreach activities. These assets can also help to initiate conversation with prospective customers as well as to open new discussion channels with existing customers.

With known dislike towards intrusive sales email campaigns – thought leadership marketing has evolved as a preferred choice for marketers (and sales teams too) to reach out to customers. Professionally i have experienced C-Level Executives and decision makers respond positively towards thought driven discussions as compared to a sales presentation.

Why it works? Firms exhibiting high quotient of thought leadership are likely to benefit in the long run as customers prefer firms who are driven by ideas, understand their pain-points, proactively articulate solutions and who can provide options to choose from.

How thought leadership assets help marketing and sales
  • Getting better response from your outreach campaigns: Well-articulated whitepapers, articles and blogs addressing specific customer issues are most likely to command customer’s attention, generate curiosity and enhances customer queries.
  • Help sales team get the breakthrough: Thought leadership assets are handy to break the ice and initiate a dialogue while pursuing a new client.
  • Enhance brand equity: Outreach campaigns around whitepapers and blogs help create positive impression in the minds of customer reflecting you being innovative and proactive.
  • Get competitive edge: Though leadership content comes handy especially while initiating dialogue with prospects or while participating in a competitive bid to win a deal.
  • “Be in touch” without infuriating: Senior executives and sales teams in the firms can leverage the same to “be in touch” when they don’t have a deal in the pipeline but definitely want to keep the business relationship fresh.

All of the above works great if you are able to churn out high quality thought leadership content on a regular basis. But what if you do not have regular supply of content? I will discuss this in my later posts. I will also discuss various channels and tools to market thought leadership in my upcoming blogs.

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