Enhancing Talent Acquisition Potential and Performance with Marketing Automation

While automation in general is a fairly evolved process in HR functions; marketing automation in talent acquisition function is a visibly unexplored dimension in most HR teams globally. Reasons that conclusively backs the lack of adoption could be twofold – One, Ignorance of corporate HR and TA teams about the power and beauty of marketing automation and two, lack of proactive support from marketing teams in extending marketing automation tools.

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When it comes to hiring the right candidates with right skills, quickly and within budgets – the game can see a major shift of advantage in favor of the TA teams if they leveraged the power of marketing automation in their strategic as well as day-to-day TA activities.  

Talent Acquisition top priorities do not include marketing automation!

Enhanced connectivity, explosion of digital channels, mobile and social media has added new dimensions in TA functions in the recent years. Reformist HR and TA teams who chose to embrace marketing automation are doing comparatively well against peers who chose to continue with the traditional TA process.

Top brands always win the race in attracting and retaining the best talents. Others compete to acquire the next best slice, further; they have to deal with higher attrition, low offer to joining ratio and have to agree for higher emoluments.

The path to success lies in progressive thinking and leveraging latest tools and technologies to infuse efficiency in TA activities. Chief People Officers (CPOs), HR Heads and TA leaders need to seek answers for – How to leverage and optimize online / digital channels, mobile platforms and social media to positively influence sourcing.

As TA leaders, you need to ask –

  1. How to provide superior User Experience to the talent pool through engaging websites, mobile apps and platforms
  2. How to leverage digital channels to build a talent pipeline to improve sourcing and reduce time-to-fill
  3. How to create a positive brand persona, connect, engage and source talents using social media platforms
  4. How to build and nurture communities to engage and influence the talent pool
  5. How to improve career site performance, SEO and rankings for career pages
  6. How to effectively engage with the alumni network, maximize referrals and re-hiring opportunities leveraging social channels
  7. How to maintain consistency in communications and brand messaging across locations and geographies
  8. How to integrate and measure the performance of TA outreach activities such as email campaigns, paid banner campaigns, thought leadership campaigns, media and PR activities, events and recruitment drives etc.
  9. How to integrate tradition HR Marketing activities with digital marketing channels to make overall TA function effective, predictable and measurable
  10. How to unify the company’s core competencies, company’s leaders, CSR activities and other differentiators in to TA messaging and positioning!

To sum it up, essentially TA teams are seeking solution to provide the highest User Experience to prospective candidates across all touch-points that would infuse efficiency in the TA functions and help them engage better. The answer clearly lies in adoption of TA Marketing automation systems and tools.

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