Cross-channel marketing imperatives for CMOs

The current state of digital marketing has amply proved how marketers are using multiple tools, technology and channels to maximize customer value and to be visible and viable to their end users. With high-end devices and ubiquitous connectivity, customers are pushing the competition amongst marketers to stratospheric heights.

Cross-channel marketing

To grow customer value, ensure loyalty and create brand advantage, CMOs need to proactively grab the latest and best of the marketing technology, platforms and channels. Further, to provide consistent and personalized experience across multiple channels that exceed customer expectations every time, cross-channel marketing becomes imperative for CMOs.

Amidst the complexity and challenges, majority of marketers are not able to harness the benefits of their cross-channel marketing spend. If you are one of them, compare your approach with my recommendations to identify the gaps and areas to improve.

What do marketers lack in their cross-channel marketing programs?

  1. Integrated customer view – Inadequate customer profiling due to unexploited and unstructured in-house data and lack of understanding of customer interactions across channels.
  2. Cross-channel integration – Inefficiency due to disconnected campaigns  across channels.
  3. Channel optimization – Investing in wrong channels and technology.
  4. Cross-channel analytics – Absence of cross channel analytics resulting in poor analysis of program and campaign performance measurement.
  5. Performance Measurement – Absence of standard KPIs across channels and marketing programs.
  6. Marketing automation – Inefficiency resulting due to inadequate automation.
  7. Budget and people – Lack of budget and experienced staff to execute cross-channel programs. Lack of collaboration between marketing and IT team and lack of collaboration among marketers running individual programs.

Recommended tools to manage cross-channel marketing initiatives

Program needs

Recommended Tools

Web analytics Adobe SiteCatalyst, IBM CoreMetrics, Google AnalyticiPerceptions
Email marketing iContactBenchmark Email, Constant Connect, ExactTarget, Marketo
Social media management HootSuiteBuffer, SocialOomph, SocialFlow
Campaign management & automation HubSpotMarketo, Eloqua, Aprimo
Social listening SysomosRadian6, Lithium
Lead management MarketoEloqua
Mobile marketing Localytics

How to succeed in cross-channel marketing?

To achieve sustained success from cross-channel marketing, CMOs must have an implacable strategy in place centered  around the following (1) Choosing the right tools/ technology platform that offers the relevant KPIs, analytics support, provides customer insights and finally helps to take action i.e. run successful campaigns. (2) Allocating adequate budget to be able to procure the right tools and technology (3) Having a team of experienced professionals (4) and finally, encouraging collaboration between marketing and IT team as well as close interaction and collaboration within the marketing team.

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