Road to Digital – As Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer and Marketing Business leaders, you try to use all the available resources to orchestrate and build you brand to fuel business growth. The beauty of the current situation is – your hyper-informed customers and your supple competitors will make it tough for you (like never before) to achieve your aspirational goals.

Among many factors today influencing consumer behavior and loyalty; Digital clearly stands out as the most significant factor that marketers need to focus to gain and sustain leadership.

The Road to Digital section of my blog is dedicated to help CMOs, Digital leaders and Marketing decision makers pinpoint the opportunities, get an accurate view of their digital playing field and to help them identify improvement areas. Posts in this section will discuss trends, best practices and offer action-oriented recommendations on Digital Marketing.


  1. Emerging trends in Digital Marketing
  2. Digital marketing strategy for CMOs
  3. Measurement and monitoring of Digital marketing implementations
  4. Mobile marketing
  5. Social marketing
  6. Data driven marketing / Digital analytics
  7. Content marketing
  8. Customer experience / Personalization

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