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My name is Gyan and I am SVP and Head of Marketing at Moody’s Copal Amba, a leading provider of offshore research and analytics services to global financial and corporate sectors.

I have over 13 years’ experience in marketing strategy and implementation across the spectrum of marketing having worked with many large enterprises across multiple industry verticals. Prior to Copal Amba, I have worked with Hewlett-Packard and Infosys Technologies leading marketing for multiple business units, products and services.

I blog to share my thoughts with the marketing community, practitioners, CXOs and business leaders who are in constant search of ideas and ways and means to make their own marketing meaningful and efficient.

I do not have a fixed itinerary of what I have to write; but I try to keep my posts interesting and worthwhile for the readers. My blogs are focused around digital marketing, analytics, online marketing, social media, content marketing, automation, mobile marketing and emerging trends and best practices focusing on both B2B and B2C customer segments.

My blog is dedicated to help marketing professionals learn the nuances of marketing programs and to help them efficiently implement those programs to generate the greatest value for every dollar spent.

I am blogging for few years now and through my blog I have got the opportunity to connect with some of the finest marketing professionals globally. This had helped me learn, which I try to translate in my blogs for the benefit of the readers.

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A bit of a disclaimer in the end: The opinion expressed through purely my personal opinions and not necessarily those of my current or past employer (s).